Episode 3: The Year 2010 & Alex Jones

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After an unintended hiatus, we’re back! In this episode we’re talking about The Year 2010 and all the treasures it promises. We start the year talking “don’t miss” items from the latter part of 2009. If you missed it, be sure to check out the wonderful end-of-year gifts 24 Ways and PHP Advent. As well, Trent also tries to improve Michael Rice’s oatmeal.

We have our first special guest! Alex Jones (@BaldMan) joins the show to talk about RefreshAustin and his side project Kick Spark. Be sure to make it to the next Refresh meeting where the topic is “weLost™: A Case Study/Discussion of a Hybrid iPhone/Web/REST App”.

We then go on to question whether or not Twitter Awards are something that should even exist.

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