Episode 12: We Rebranded!

• Length: 39:51

We’re back with a brand new episode and a brand new brand! Feast your eyes on our new logo! This handiwork was done by none-other than co-host Reagan Ray. Speaking of Reagan, he and Trent join Dave this week and we discuss a “potluck” of things going on around the web including but not limited to: Our Reactionary Web Community, Webkit Bits, Rdio, Pulse RSS Reader App, Gowalla, Facebook, Spiceworks, Refresh Austin and the upcoming TXJS Conference taking place right here in Austin.

2 Responses to “Episode 12: We Rebranded!”

  1. Trent Walton says:

    I love the new look… excellent work.

  2. CW Cage says:

    Finally got around to listening to episode 12 and couldn’t wait to actually see the new logo. Love the concept and the execution! Good job guys.

    When are those fancy new t-shirts going to be ready? ;)

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