Episode 31: The Gowalla Design Team

• Length: 32:50

This week’s episode is sure to be a milestone for the ATX Web Show. We invade the Gowalla Headquarters and sit down with the Gowalla Design Team: Keegan Jones, Tim Van Damme, Drew Yeaton, and Adam Michela; to talk about everything from what makes a good web app, to designing for Android, to the beloved rainbow bar™.

4 Responses to “Episode 31: The Gowalla Design Team”

  1. Trent Walton says:

    This was easily one of my favorite episodes—good jorb Davatron & the Gowalla design team! And I’m all for you fellas patenting refracted light:)

  2. Phil Coffman says:

    Just listened to this and caught Tim’s mention of Method & Craft! Always puts a smile on my face. Great show fellas!

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