Episode 60: The 1st Annual Post-SXSW Awards

• Length: 52:36

Back with a groggy post-SXSW episode. We spend this episode recounting the best of SXSW 2013 from our limited, but professional, perspective.

  • TX Drought Jokes!
  • 1st Annual Post-SXSW Awards Ceremony!
    • Non-badged Awards
      • Lots of awesome social events
      • ATX Startup Crawl
        • Best hallway party: Odoro
        • Best ownership of a whole building floor: Mass Relevance
        • Best boozes: Black Locust/Home Depot Innovation Labs
        • Best food: Spanning (via hearsay)
        • Best overall startup: Outbox
        • ATX Startup Craw App
      • Best kickoff lunch party: Refresh Austin Kickoff Lunch
      • Best crashed party: Twilio + StartupBus
      • Best opening night party: MS/Gamesalad
      • Best Saturday party: Dribbble
      • Best Sunday party: OpenWebSXSW
      • Best Trailer Food
      • Theme of all of the best parties: kept it low key, away from all the craziness
      • Partying like it was 1997
    • Badged Awards
      • Best in Tracks: “Responsive Track”
      • Best panel: #WYSIWYS
    • Best venue: Ginger Man — Rainy St and Easy Tiger were distracting people and keeping them away, so it stayed pretty relaxed every night.

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