Episode 72: Valentine’s Vegas Vortex

• Length: 34:19

This week, Andy is joined by Travis and Sam at Happy Cog Austin for Episode 72. Thanks Happy Cog!

Show Notes


Right before the show. Photo by Alison Harshbarger of Happy Cog Austin

Editing by Michael Way. Music by Goodfield. Thanks dudes & dudettes!

4 Responses to “Episode 72: Valentine’s Vegas Vortex”

  1. Nabin says:

    Yvonne It was an AMAZING event! You are such a great teacher thank you for srhniag your gift with us. My gift I love showing people how to live clutter-free instead of clutter-filled. It’s a great feeling to see someone’s life change right before your eyes and to know that you had a part in the experience.-Carmen

  2. Ryan Gray says:

    At the least it is more informative than one of those reality Television stars, kim this?
    Joey what?

  3. ann says:

    It’s a great to see someone’s life change like this

  4. Elsie89 says:

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